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The branch in Spain of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) officially opened its doors in January 2011 with the aim of providing enterprises with comprehensive, professional, flexible, efficient and diversified financial services, while being committed to building a bridge and serving as a link for economic and commercial investment between China and Spain and Portugal. The branch's service scope includes high-level local companies in the Iberian Peninsula, Chinese-funded institutions, multinationals, financial organizations and Chinese clients with economic, trade and investment relations in Spain and Portugal. Thanks to ICBC's market leadership position, quality client base, diversified business structure, strong innovation capabilities and excellent brand value, the bank offers its clients comprehensive, professional, flexible, efficient and diversified financial services.

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Being the only Chinese origin bank by now, ICBC provides investment consulting, acquisition loans and post-investment management services to both Spanish and Chinese enterprises who have the intention to invest in both countries... [more]
The Online Banking is a channel through which we provide with query operations, transfers, payments and other financial services to corporate clients. You could manage your bank account through our Online Banking from anywhere at any time... [more]
Thanks to the ICBC group's powerful global accounting processing system and the online banking functions, we can offer the global treasury management solution to the multinational companies by supporting the parent company in its remote check of the balance and details of the subsidiaries or... [more]