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Corporate Remittance Business

Brief Introduction of Business
ICBC Spain Branch offers multi-currency and fast cross-border outward remittance services for your company by using the advanced capital clearing system as well as powerful domestic and foreign service network and agent bank resources. Your company can select to handle the regular remittance and Remittance Express business according to your own needs.

Characteristic Advantages
Point-to-point Remittance: remittance can be made through ICBC's internal system without any intermediate links or costs in faster and lower costing manner if receivers are accounts opened at ICBC's business outlets in China.
Remittance Express: receivers can cash the funds at ICBC's domestic and foreign business outlets by the business number and password after the payer handles the Remittance Express, funds will be transferred to receiver's account in real time with simple and fast procedures.

Service Channels
1.Remittance and Enquiry: counters and Internet banking
2.Refund of Remittance and Report of Loss: counters