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Deposit Business

Risk Indicator *

* Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Europe) S.A, Branch in Spain, belongs to the Deposit Insurance System in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, through its parent residing office in Luxembourg , which involves protection of up to 100,000 euros per holder ( AGDL - Status 17 December 2010 - Article 8 point 1 This amount is up by owner and all accounts opened deposits in Entity Including time deposits ) which is the same amount that is guaranteed in Spain . Information on Deposit Insurance System of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg: Association pour le Garantie des Depots Luxembourg.Domicilio 12 Rue Erasme . L -1468 Luxembourg. B. P. 241 . L - 2012 Luxembourg. Phone +352 46 36 60 01 . Fax +352 46 09 21. Contact by e- mail . Information available on website :

A. Current Deposit
Current deposit is a kind of deposit that can be deposited and withdrawn at any time. It is mainly transacted through cash or transfer. It is characterized by unfixed term and easy deposit and withdrawal at any time.

B. Time Deposit
Time deposit is a kind of deposit to agree on the terms and interest rate by both the bank and the depositor prior to the deposit, and withdraw the principal and interest by the due date. Time deposit is applied to settlement and cash withdrawal from the time deposit account. As for temporary use of money, clients can apply for advance withdrawal or partly advance withdrawal.


1. Liquidity Alert

- “Refund, redemption or early repayment of part or the principal amount invested is subject to fees or penalties”
- “Refund, redemption or early repayment of part or the principal amount invested is subject to a minimum relevant notice period”

2. Alert regarding the foreign currency exchange rate risk in other currencies (RMB/USD)

The foreign currency exchange rate risk is the correlation of the value of one currency against the value of another currency due to the fluctuation of the currencies values.

Regarding the term deposit, when involving foreign currency exchange (FOREX), either in engaging, and maturity or early withdrawal, benefits or losses could be generated as a result of the difference between the foreign currency exchange rate at the engagement, and the maturity or early-withdraw of the term deposit.